Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 App Reviews

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Il nest pas en français

No in french


Très bien mais une version française serait bien


So so

Fürs iphone 5 anpassen!!

Fürs iphone 5 anpassen!!


What is with iOs8/ iPhone 6plus Support? Now only 1 Star


Much better than the first one. Two bad things: 1) Its overpriced 2) It takes up a lot of room;( Overall very good!


Ill start off by saying that this game is fun and kills time. A suggestion to this would be to add computer times for Time trial to see how good you are in comparison to them. Another would be to have a secret character unlocked througg drift points and other various activities.


The game is good, music tracks are nice, but the games lags and crashes too much!

Much much much better then the first one

I loved the first one and this one improves upon it in every way, man iPhone games are getting better and better


I really enjoyed the first one and I enjoy this one also. Thanks for releasing Guitar Hero for the iPhone


the game works now thanks for the update

Super dupa

Id say single Player is better in Shrek kart but online changes that and the variety of modes tracks and karts cover it Get it while its $5. Dont get when its $10


Its good. But the missions arent good. Last time, they let the players unlock new characters by collecting the "CRASH" letters on the tracks in cup mode. Now, you are forced to complete the missions which I really dont want to do because theyre boring, not creative, and I cant beat the first one. Please put the letters back...


I love this app it is my favourite app but how do you unlock caracters & for the missions how about not having to come in the top 3 (I think) but I LIVE elimination


Great app, Worth $5, plays well. I only have 4 things too say. 1. Please make the missions more interresting, and much easier. 2. How do you unlock new characters? 3. Please put out new characters and maps every once in a while. 4. Please allow any charecter to use any car.

Good Game No support

There is no mention of this game (Iphone version) on the Activision Web Site. There is no documentation anywhere that is easy to find ( I am still looking ) Finding a walkthrough/instructions on the missions and other aspects of the game. A great deal for $5.00 well worth it so far. I am only giving 2 stars do to lack of support.

Cant get the game to work!!!

Just bought the game and it doesnt work on my iPod Touch. Trying to find the update or something but no luck! Like im out five bucks here!!! I would really like to start playing this game now, so if anybody can help me out, it would be gladly appreciated.

Gawd this game is bad

U change direction randomly is impossible to play


I wanted to Play it but it wont even take me to the games menu plz fix the bug

Mildly entertaining.

The graphics are somewhat underwhelming for a game that came out this year, but the core gameplay is fun. However, the game lacks overall polish; there are no sound effects when you go over a boost pad, or get blown up. Also, the game doesnt support retina display or multitasking. I really hope an iOS4 optimization update is in the works. The homescreen icon looks especially muddy. There is also no way to rotate the screen 180 degrees to make play with headphones more comfortable. All in all, Im glad I got it for $0.99, because in its current state it is NOT worth $4.99.

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